I was so pleased to have visited my client’s finished home in Chipperfield the other day. I particularly loved this project because it was an opportunity to explore pitched green living roofs. I wasn’t really sure that the technology would work; flat ones have been done a lot but pitched seemed somewhat more challenging. I am particularly happy with the result, which you can see on the photographs below.

The client was keen to say that she had seen the Sedum flowering with yellows and pinks and was attracting loads of bees and birds. Truly showing that architecture, even on a domestic scale has a role in increasing biodiversity. Perhaps every roof should be ‘green’? (or reddish brown in this case which I feel blends with the brickwork spectacularly)

We replaced the existing side garage and extended the porch to the front to form a bike store, separate utility space, enlarged kitchen, snug and dining room, opening up to the garden.

The client has opted for a personalized industrial and minimalist style using high quality materials. The finish really feels great and I hope they will have great family home for many years to come.

The first photo gallery below shows the new home.

The second photo gallery below shows what the house was like before.

The existing plans and elevations.

The proposed drawings.

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